Interwire 2019

13th to 16th May, 2019


13th to 16th May, 2019 07:00 am - 07:30 pm

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Georgia World Congress Center
285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30313
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13th May 2019

8:30 am
Mechanics of Wiredrawing - Room A411
9:15 am
Dies - Room A411
10:00 am
Fundamentals Break - Level 4 Common Area
10:15 am
Lubrication in the Wiredrawing Process - Room A411
11:00 am
Wire Breaks and Surface Damage - Room A411
12:00 pm
Fundamentals of Wire Manufacturing Luncheon - Room A412
1:00 pm
Stranding and Cabling - Room A411
Fundamentals of Ferrous Metallurgy - Room A403
1:45 pm
Extrusion - Room A411
Cleaning and Coating of Rod and Wire - Room A403
2:30 pm
Break - Room A411
2:45 pm
Fundamentals of Electrical Testing - Room A411
Ferrous Testing and Properties - Room A403
3:30 pm
Marking and Printing - Room A411
Ferrous Heat Treatment - Room A403
4:15 pm
Fundamentals Q & A - Room A411
7:15 pm
GCCF Social Hour (7:30 pm - 9:00 pm) - STATS Brewpub

14th May 2019

7:00 am
GCCF Authors' Breakfast - A401
8:00 am
Welcome to GCCF! - Room A411
8:10 am
Aluminum Welding Wire Technology - Room A411
8:40 am
Operational Advancements in Continuous Rod Systems - Room A411
9:00 am
Opening - Keynote - Room A312
9:05 am
Keynote: The Future of Wires and Cables in a Connected World - Room A312
9:10 am
Casting High-Conductivity Oxygen-Free Copper Rod From Scrap: Myths and Reality - Room A411
9:40 am
GCCF Break - Level 4 Common Area
9:45 am
State of Manufacturing - Room A312
10:00 am
Continuous Casting of Dilute Copper Alloys for Drawing to Wire in Specialist Applications - Room A411
10:15 am
Global Wire & Cable Market Outlook - Room A312
10:30 am
compacROD® - Room A411
10:45 am
Interwire Conference Break - Level 3 Common Area
11:00 am
Use of OEE in Optimization of Maintenance Schedule - Room A411
Sector Insights/Forecasts - Room A312
12:00 pm
GCCF Lunch - Room A412
1:00 pm
Mordica Memorial Lecture: Trends and Challenges in Steel Wire Technologies - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
Cost-Saving Opportunities Panel: Management - Room A411
1:40 pm
The Effect of Bearing Length on the Surface Quality of Drawn Wire - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
1:50 pm
Wire & Cable Outlook and Global Aluminum Markets - Room A411
2:00 pm
Weld Button Defect in Resistance Butt Welding of High-Carbon Steel Wires - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
2:20 pm
Use of Open Circuit Potential for Measurement (OCP) Technique for Arriving at Optimal Pickling Time of Carbon Steel Wire Rods - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
2:30 pm
Global Copper Market Outlook - Room A411
2:40 pm
Wiredrawing Lubricant Dust Reduction - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
3:00 pm
Improved Payoff Performance Using Constant Tension Systems - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
GCCF Break - Level 4 Common Area
3:20 pm
Electrical Linear Resistance Versus Weight Measurement of Conductors – What Benefits Can We Expect? - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
Global Scrap Markets - Room A411
3:40 pm
Envirosafe and Cost-Effective Additives to Protect Wire and Cables From Pest Attacks - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
3:50 pm
Cost-Saving Opportunities Panel: Technology - Room A411
4:00 pm
Fiber Ribbon Dimensional Measurement and Color Sequence Verification - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
4:20 pm
Wire and Cable Manufacturing Problem-Solving - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
6:30 pm
Interwire Welcome Reception (6:30pm - 8:30pm) - Chick fil A College Football Hall of Fame
Interwire Welcome Reception (6:30pm - 8:30pm) - Chick fil A College Football Hall of Fame

15th May 2019

7:00 am
GCCF Authors' Breakfast - A401
8:00 am
WAI Member Rewards Breakfast - Room A313
ETP vs. FRHC Copper Rod: Correlation With ASTM Standards - Room A411
Overview of Furnace Aspects of Recycling of Aluminum - Room A403
8:30 am
Inline and Offline Concepts for FRHC Copper Rod - Room A411
Determining the Effect of Aluminum Wire Alloys on Cement and Phosphate Bonded Castables - Room A403
9:00 am
The Effect of Flame Intensity on the Shaft Melting of Copper - Room A411
Combustion Systems and Environmental Emissions - Room A403
Operations Innovation Panel - Room A312
9:30 am
Evaluation of Monolithic Refractories Used in Anode Shaft Furnaces as Well as Transfer Launders and Process Equipment in Rod and Tube Mills - Room A411
Installation of an FFD at Prysmian General Cable, Lapointe Works - Room A403
10:00 am
Factors Affecting Wire Production From Precoats to Lubricants - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
3-D Printed Filters in Copper Production - Room A411
Intelligent Industrial Automation: Using Your Process Data to Solve Quality, Downtime, and Production Problems in the Wire & Cable Manufacturing Industry - Room A312
10:30 am
DMAIC Problem-Solving for Wire and Cable - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
Break - Room A312
10:45 am
Tariffs & Trade - Steel Wire Impact - Room A312
11:00 am
Determining Root Causes of Issues Attributed to the Cleaning and Coating Operation - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
11:15 am
Positioning for Future Challenges and Opportunities - Room A312
11:30 am
Wire Breaks - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
1:00 pm
Why Buy New Equipment – If Existing Machines Are Still Running (and Are Written Off)? - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
Coiler Modernization at Sarkuysan’s SCR Plant - Room A411
Modification of Aluminum Alloy Filler to Improve Arc-Welding Performance - Room A403
1:20 pm
Effect of Al Content on the Mechanical Properties of Alternately Cold-Drawn Magnesium Alloy Wires - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
1:30 pm
Silicon Carbide Linings for Copper Melting Shaft Furnaces - Room A411
Development of New High-Performance Aluminum Conductors Produced by Continuous Casting - Room A403
1:40 pm
Drawing of High-Strength Aluminium Alloy Wire by Using a Cryogenic Wiredrawing Method - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
2:00 pm
Improving the Technological Plasticity of Material in Dieless Drawing Processes - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
New Dual-Layer Refractory Material for Burner Blocks in Copper Melting Shaft Furnaces - Room A411
How to Run a RBD Line With Integrated Annealer for Cu and Al in the Most Efficient Way - Room A403
2:20 pm
Production of Zn-Mg Wire for Biomedical Application - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
3:00 pm
Inaugural Meeting - WAI Operations Forum - Room A313
4:00 pm
The Champion’s Code: Building Relationships Through Life Lessons of Integrity and Accountability from the Sports World to the Business World - Sonoco Theater [Exhibition Hall]
7:05 pm
GCCF Dinner (7:00pm - 9:00pm) - Ventanas

16th May 2019

7:00 am
GCCF Authors' Breakfast - A401
8:00 am
Running a Copper Rod Line: Tricky Business - Room A411
Copper Rolling Lubricants: The Future - Room A403
8:30 am
Hazelett® Twin-Belt Caster – Past, Present, and Future - Room A411
Controlling Bacteria in Soluble Oil Systems with the use of UV Light - Room A403
9:00 am
Advanced Continuous Rotary Extrusion of Copper and Its Alloys - Room A411
Hot Rolling Fundamentals - Managing Rolling Lubricants for Optimum Copper Rod Quality - Room A403
9:45 am
Business Challenges for Copper Continuous Castings - Room A411
Caster Water Filtration - Room A403
10:00 am
Manufacturing Management Workshop - Room A313
10:15 am
Safety Culture - Room A411
Continuous Cast Copper Rod Coolant Filtration - Room A403
10:45 am
High-Speed Eddy Current Testing of Round, Ovate, and Fine Wire - Room A403


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